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The device " was" fine until , all of a sudden the land line and cell phone voicemail did not work for 10 days, 13 -counting today 10/31/2019.. The 12 yr.

old know-nothing customer service persons (numerous)blamed everybody from AT&T, T-mobile , cell towers, 3,4& 5 G updates , me, the ZTE box and when they ran out of scapegoats,told me since I've had the home base 2 years, I shouldn't expect it to work! , (like they've done me some huge favor) I can buy another for $50 but they are out of stock. I have switched and traded sim cards in the base and cell back and forth honestly 6-times in the last two days and only my cell works. I was told by one mouth-breather that IF I WANTED TO"RISK" ?

Putting T-mobile sims in both ( in place of the AT&T they made me put into the home base months ago to "Improve my service" ) it might work! it hasn't . I absolutely loved CC and the phone base for my land line. I had two cells and the landline through the box.

I told everyone how great it was. Now I start conversations with strangers just to let them know to steer clear. They market to seniors and the 9-year olds think we're technologically stupid and treat us that way. Our generation invented cell phones and towers and voicemail.

I used my first cell phone in 1992, before any of these folks were even born. ( motorola flip.) it worked excellently everytime. Try mint, trac or ting.

cancel your AARP membership. if you're over 50 they think you're an idiot and don't even try to hide their scorn.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Consumer Cellular Pros: Ignorant customer service, Ice price, Was price.

Consumer Cellular Cons: Very condescending customer treatment, Customer service reps hanging up on me.

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