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I checked my voicemail and when I was done my phone informed me that the messages were charged to my minutes, I think that sucks, read every word of information before you even think about ConsumerCellular.Also The coverage is not as they say.I tried to call my home from fourty miles away and had no bars at all.I checked www.ConsumerCellular/maps. It showed that I should have coverage, this is a3G network or is it. If i knew ATT was the provider I would have past, I had problems with T Mobile,thats why I went to ConsumerCellular.

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Chesterfield, Missouri, United States #709680

I tried calling my home from 10 miles away. Could not get my home, NO BARS ON MY PHONE.

Called CC and they told me the area, I was calling from has no reception. Its flat land here in Texas.

Their phones and service is lousy.

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