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I've been on the phone with Consumer Cellular for the past hour now. My voice mail goes directly to calling voice mail and asking me for a password.

No matter what number I enter (and I never put in a password), it does not accept it and tells me the operator is busy. So I called Consumer Cellular. Am on my 2nd call now, and they are telling me there is no problem. This also happened to my sister & husband today.

We all use Consumer Cellular. We all use Consumer Cellular. We all use Consumer Cellular.

We all use Consumer Cellular. We all use Consumer Cellular.

Product or Service Mentioned: Consumer Cellular Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Voice mail out as of 9 pm cst Woodstock IL from looking at others comments waiting 2 weeks for problem to be fixed is unacceptable


Ours has been doing OK since around Oct 24,


I just got off the phone with Consumer Cellular for the 2nd time. I only have one phone so have to go through the menu each time.

The first time, the attendant "sent my phone some info". Then I had to power off, power on, & try again. No luck. So called for a second time, got a much ruder attendant who said it was a problem with AT&T's sim card & nothing they could do.

I pressed - was give an additional Pilot # of 480-225-2975 to reach my voicemail. This also did not work. I pressed again - I will be getting a supervisor call back within 2 to 24 hours. I pressed again - I was given this email for higher up the chain - service@consumercellular.com.

Will send email. I've loved Consumer Cellular. I've not like AT&T for decades! I have a small business & this will not work for much longer.

I learned that TMobile is also a Consumer Cellular provider but their signal is not as strong in my area as AT&T. If I want I can order a TMobile sim card for free. I'm also going to press for a major credit on my bill.

Don't give up - these huge corporations need to remember who the customer is & where their livelyhood is without customers! Good luck Bonnie Rozean 970-946-3421


The email you gave out sends me a response that it is an umonitored email. If you have a good one, that actually gets to a person, it would be appreciated.


ALL OF MY Woes started when I switched to an AT&T Sim card! I have the same voicemail issue.

It's as if I'm calling someone else. Bei g a former AT&T employee, I should expect poor service, "mystery" virus attacks and "sudden" connections issues when u have a lesser price phone...


I live in Maryland and have also had trouble for the last couple of days accessing my VM. I also get the message “the service requested is not available at this time”. Bummer.


When I call voicemail, the message comes that the service requested is not available at this time


voice mail is not working - keeps saying: "sorry... the number you called in not in service...."


After 16 days the VM came back on both phones. Now, I'm having issues with the ring actually ringing.

I've had two calls go directly to VM ... and I had the phone sitting next to me.


Problem just cropped up on mine today. I think it worked a few days ago.

Anyway, calls seem to go to VM, but I cannot check the Voicemail.

Message says "Service not available. Goodbye".


I am having the same problem.


Sat AM my VM started working right. But my wife's, the calls seemed to got to VM, but if you logged into VM it saud NO MESSAGES.

Called CC in AM, they said problem in our area. By Sat night both VM's were right again.


So this morning, the problems returned, My phone when someone calls it goes to VM, but when I try to check it I get "Service not available. Goodbye".

On my wife's, someone calling thinks they are leaving a VM, but she does not even get an indication on her phone that she recvd a VM.

I chatted with CC today and they said same thing, problem with AT&T and they are working on it. They would report our phone numbers as having problems with VM.


I put a reply last night that the problems returned. This morning, when I first got up, I was able to check my VM.

But 2 hours later, it was out again. Same old message "Service not available.

Goodbye". This is getting very aggravating that it gets fixed, then goes back out!!!


This blows. They have no idea when this will be solved. Wondering if AT&T is purposely doing this so Comnsumer Cellular loses customers.


CC gave me a $20 discount for inconvenience. I’m in NC too and without VM.

They said it was due to ATT making a change to it’s network and the SIM cards no longer work for voice mail or something like that. Didn’t make much sense, but they said they didn’t know when it would be fixed.


I have been a loyal Consumer Cellular customer for years and have referred them often. This voice mail situation is unacceptable.

No outbound communication from CC, no answers, no work around.

Has been two weeks now. I too am switching.


14th day. One phone back.

Other phone still no Voice Mail. Same location. Sitting next to one another. Same towers presumably.

"It's a tower problem." Is it? Just found one VM in my phone of a possible job. Have no idea how long ago I got it (I'm a book editor). So, probably cost me that gig as well.

Awesome. I'm sure we'll all be well compensated by CC for this service that has been unavailable for half a month.


Our voicemail has been out for 13 days. Two phones.

We're told they are working on it and sorry for the inconvenience. We just get "service unavailable." Cannot call forward because we get a NETWORK or SIM error. Cannot put in the call forwarding working around **21*(Number) because we get the same message, even though CC says that is what to do. So no help; no voicemail.

We use for biz too so I guess as much as I hate the thought we're going to have to change providers. And, of course, no message yet on credit on the account.

Just "we're working on it. No idea when it will be fixed." It appears the answer is never.


How are you planning on reimbursing the customers whose plans are not working correctly? If VM is included, shouldn't there be some sort of compensation for the time that is has been inactive?

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