I bought a new Nokia C3 and a month later wanted to switch to a different cell phone service provider. Consumer Cellular would not unlock my phone!

They said it was "their phone." I said fine then, give me back My money that I used to pay for the phone and you can have Your phone back! I have a new phone and I cannot use it, nor will Consumer Cellular give me my money back! This should be illegal!

I am not going to just let them get by with this. I will find a way to get my money back.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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I think I am having the same problem. They suck in customer service.

It wont unlock and phone is paid for and the bill is paid for. They told me how to do it but it is not working.

They must have lied about it. No one seems to want to do anything for you.

Monroeville, Pennsylvania, United States #1329693

I was told by a samsung tech support person, that the Federal Government has required these cell phone companies to unlock these phones once you have paid for them. It's your phone, look into it! That is if you want to take your phone to another carrier.


Report to FCC just for a slice chance.


I bought a new Motorola WX345 phone on line and assumed per the advertisement that I would be able to use my sim from a different carrier....wrong. I called Consumer Cellular for the unlock code and they would not give it to me unless I signed with them, which I did not want to due, since I have heard poor customer service and many complaints about CC.

I then called Motorola requesting the unlock code and they said only Consumer Cellular could provide it, that they did not know the unlock code for their own phone. So I a stuck with a new phone which cannot be used.

to Debs Estacada, Oregon, United States #1259167

As of February 11, no carrier can deny a request to unlock a users' phone, once the two-year contract is paid up. This past August, President Barack Obama signed the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act into law, finally making it legal once more to unlock your phone.Feb 11, 2015


I had the same problem. CC sold me 2 Huawei (Chinese phones).

they never worked right. I wanted to give the phones to my children to use under a different carrier. CC refused to unlock them. They said it was up to Huawei to unlock them.

Huawei says that CC has the unlock codes.

The unlock codes are the domain of the carrier that supports them. CC denies and said that Huawei is shirking its responsibilities.

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