Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Not resolved

Tried to make a call and message says my balance is too low to make a call. Account paid up.

Online chat is non-responsive.

This is not acceptable. Cannot be without a phone!

Product or Service Mentioned: Consumer Cellular Phone Service.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Same issue here in Colorado Springs, no voice services. Had a friend call CC customer service on her phone to see what was up and all she got was a busy signal. Also, not able to bring their website up successfully to try and see if there's any information.


December 6, 2018. I am a long time customer (since about 2008) and have never had a complaint about Consumer Cellular but today in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, I am experiencing the same difficulty of "your account balance is too low....." and am unable to pay my bills.

I will probably incur late fees as a result of this problem, not to mention I am completely without a phone now.

I hope this doesn't portend a larger problem with Consumer Cellular and I will hold them accountable for any late fees incurred because of this. There is also no response from online help!


I am guessing with the weather that a tower is down. I also have a low account balance and can't make phone calls and this account is paid in full as well.


It's happening to my mom and she's with my 2 daughters (toddlers) and can't call out or receive calls. The website says the service is unavailable. What is going on???


I just tried to make a call said account to low . I had to add money to my account before making a call.

Account paid up. Need phone


Exact same thing happening to me. Ruining my whole morning as i need my phone for work!

The chat line seems useless. I certainly hope this gets resolved soon. Says I cannot post this unless it’s at least 50 words. Why?

So frustrating all around.

Will we get refunds? I hope so!

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