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Purchased new phone # in December/January. I wanted a new one but time to transfer old phone to new phone.

Gentlemen suggested that I get second line free for 30 days. But be sure to cancel Before so I don’t get charged. I said “yes of course “. So I called to cancel before 30 days.

Also called billing to double check and make sure it was canceled. May 31,2019 I was wondering why my bill is still so high. So I scrolled all the way down, BOOM!! I’ve been charged all these months with add line fee 15.00 and add another phone line 360 228 9964 for $60.00.

Not only that, I couldn’t pay my bill one month so I made a partial payment of $100.00 and got charged 24.00 late fee. When my bill should’ve been under $100.00. I’ve called to get explanations of why my bill is so high. And the whole time I was being overcharged 75.00 for the months of Jan, February, March, April,May 2019.

I am an older woman in and out of the hospital. I live in a camper and on food stamps. Something I am not proud of. I make $ 835.00 a month retirement.

I don’t have a lot. I was very disappointed the way I was treated from your staff. They were only willing to refund $15.00

They checked to see if I had any usage on the add a line #s. Of course there was no usage on any numbers.

My phone number is+13604304454. That’s all I wanted or use. I thought I had done everything that was needed to cancel lines (I don’t even know how the second one) I am a honest customer and I really would like to stick with you guys. I feel I rightfully deserve a refund.

I was just going to use it to pay off the iPhone off I owe and my bill. And very disappointed with Renee #23376. She wasn’t willing to even listen. She said “refund of 15.00 or nothing.

I asked if I could speak to someone else. She abruptly said no. So sad companies don’t appreciate their customers.

I did everything I could to find out why I was being overcharged. Very Disappointed customer, Jennifer Jackson

Product or Service Mentioned: Consumer Cellular Cell Phone Replacement.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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