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We just switched to Consumer Cellular from US Cellular on the first of June 2014. After our first month of service I can report that we couldn't be happier with the service. US Cellular was dependable (we were with them for over 4 years) and we had no problems with them except that we were paying about $92 a month with a company discount for a smart phone and a flip phone. My wife and I do not use the voice or data that much (less than 600 min and 300mb a month) so we went to talk to US Cellular about perhaps getting a less expensive plan for our pattern of use. They really had nothing to offer us and would not even waive the activation fees if we signed up for a new 2 yr contract.

Our first month with CC has been without problem. We bought our phones (a basic flip phone and a Moto G smartphone) at our local Sears. I activated them on line and with the exception of the data portion not working right away on the smart phone everything went fast and smooth. I call to CC was answered within 30 seconds and the representative made a s small tweak and the data was up and running. I couldn't ask for better customer service. The AT&T network that they use has worked well everywhere we have traveled.

Our first months bill was less than $48 and we still had some minutes and data left on the 600 min/300 mb plan.

So if you are not a "power user" and want to save some $ and still have good data service as well as dependable voice, go with Consumer Cellular. No contract, good service, and a good price. You can monitor your usage of both voice and data on-line at anytime.

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I'm looking now to change from Sprint when our plan ends in Oct. and our needs are IDENTICAL to yours so this was very helpful! Thank you!

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