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My husband and I have now been without ANY cell reception at our house for more than 36 hours -- and Consumer Cellular has yet to respond personally to our emails (since we can't call them!).

This is the culmination of several weeks of declining service where I called and emailed CC repeatedly saying that at least 30% (then 50% then....) of the time our phones didn't work at home. The CC reps gave lame responses or none at all (when I've emailed them asking for help -- like when our phones wouldn't work so I emailed via the Internet -- they immediately send an automated reply promising a human will reply, but that seldom happens or the human's reply is worthless).

We live in a fringe-service area, but until recently our phones worked great. Then the call quality began to degrade -- initially just taking forever to connect, and now there's NO service whatsoever.

The last "customer service" rep said AT&T was spending millions to improve the network so if we'll just "be patient another month,' the service should improve. Wow, that's just swell: if our house catches fire or there's an intruder in our house in the next month, we'll just let the house burn or be raped or bludgeoned, I guess. Thanks a lot, Consumer Cellular, for caring so deeply.

I used to be a huge booster of Consumer Cellular, bragging to my friends and family that we had the best cell provider anywhere and they should switch to CC. But I'm not doing that anymore.

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I, too, live in a marginal signal area. I was told by CC that there was a "T Mobile" tower 2 miles from me.

I went to the FCC website and it showed "T Mobile" tower uses directional antennas and I am out of the signal footprint. CC said it was my phone but strange thing, I can go 1 mile east and get full bars from an AT&T tower located in a neighboring town 7 miles away. I understand no service provider will spend thousands of $ to supply just a few CC customers.

I will have to go back to Verizon, who has a tower within sight of my house. Just dislike paying 45 per month for what little I use the phone.


I too have been experiencing very low or no service. This is why I changed phones from sprint to consumer cellular in the first place.

Fix it !

or I will have to change phones and plans again. Joe Francis Milton Delaware.

Des Moines, Iowa, United States #653175

I haven't had cell service since Wednesday the 15th of May 2013.

I also can't get connected to my online account.

Does anyone know what is going on?

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