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Update by user Feb 14

Consumer Cellular was finally able to talk with a supervisor at Verizon. The problem, which was identified, was due to Verizon not activating my phone number after I cancelled my internet & TV, but kept my phone service under their triple play. A correction was made by Verizon which resulted in my number becoming available for porting.

Update by user Feb 14

FINALLY!! My number has been ported over successfully!!

Yeee! The problem all along was with VERIZON!!!. (Not Consumer Cellular). I had triple play with Verizon.

I cancelled TV & internet, but kept phone. They did not properly cancel the 2 services and "reactivate" the phone only. This prevented the port! !

The experience I went through was exhausting!!!!! due to Verizon!

Never again! Thanks Consumer Cellular.

Update by user Feb 12

In all fairness, I have to update my review because I actually had a phone call returned by a supervisor at Consumer Cellular. He actually contacted Verizon, only to find out that it was Verizon's fault all along.

Verizon promised to correct the issue on their end within 48 hours. We'll see if Verizon does their job.

Original review posted by user Feb 10

I have been a Consumer Cellular customer for over 3 years and was fairly satisfied until 24 days ago, when I asked them to port my landline phone number from Verizon. I'm so disgusted and frustrated with the inability of Consumer Cellular to get this done that I have filed a complaint with the FCC.

When I originally filed my complaint I really thought the problem was with Verizon, because Consumer Cellular assured me that is where it was. The FCC notified me that Verizon had addressed my concerns, but I'm still unable to have my number ported. I will be amending it or filing another requesting that they contact CC to find out where the problem is. I have spoken with over 10 reps and "supervisors" at CC and spent over 6 hours on the phone, over 24 days and still they are unable to port my number!

Each time I called I had to start from the beginning with all the details because you cannot speak with the same rep. They have issued "tickets" and escalated my issue to their "escalation department". Wow, how impressive! At one point I was told that they were having many issues with T-Mobile at the back end (whatever that means) and that I should get a new sim card, (an At&T sim card) and then call back.

CC would then activate the new sim card and port the number over while I was on the phone. Excited that a solution, might be in sight, I went to Target & purchased the sim card. When I called CC I got a different rep.

who told me that CC had issued "ticket" and I should wait 72 hours for it to be resolved. If I didn't wait and he activated the new sim card I would have to wait up to 7 days to have the number portedI I feel like I've been let down by Consumer Cellular with this issue so I will be looking for a new provider.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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I was very concerned when I read her original comment. It probably would have influenced my decision to buy into it. But now, that she's explained what happened, I feel much better.

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