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I purchased a phone for my husband, now after 2 months battery dead? Called once told to recharge 24 hours.

Did that, it just won't work. Called again today and was told they can't talk to me without husband permission. Boy that was the wrong thing to sat. When he gets home and I call again, we will close accent.

Better to pay more and get better service. This is a rip off? The person I spoke to last week was opleasant. today Lisa was very unpleasant.

She is the reason we quit consumer cell. Dumb!!


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If he is the account holder it is to protect the customers personal information. Especially if you are not on the account.

EX: You are a identity thief and claim to be his wife.

They give you his personal info.

He calls in and sues CC because of it. Now if they verified the account and would not give you info because you were not on the account that wouldn't happen.

You left a great company for nothing.


You are an *** and you need to learn how to spell ;)

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