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Fyi I already wrote a review.

Basically, it was a scam.

First, they checked my credit without permission. In fact, they lied to FCC about everything

I have an unlocked phone

Continue. I received the sim

Called consumer Cellular as I had service. Asked if still eligible for free month. Response, as long as activated by March 31

I cut off my other carrier early before activating sim and porting no I again asked for confirmation.

Next, a few days later received a bill for tax of $3 plus. Called them. Unfortunately I did not see the rest of the bill on the other side bold facely lied and told me just a tax. Again I ask if I was on the free month.

Answer yes.

Then another bill

Anyway, I swapped to another carrier before the month was up.

Cellular one charged me for their service for former month. Again they were not my carrier

Sent FCC documentation apparently sided with consumer Cellular despite proof of fraud

Next, consumer Cellular never mailed rebuttal however FCC emailed a copy. It was a lie.

FCC was sent pictures of the offer. FCC was sent proof that I had another cell Company

I called AARP. Transfer to fraud line. There are thousands of complaints in reference to the free month offer for starters. There are tons of thousands of complaints against this crooked company.

Their advertising states no hidden charges on bill. Lie.

Back to my experience.

Fraud unit suggested calling Oregon better business bureau and the ftc

Meanwhile, contact attorney general of my state

Wish I could post letter from an executive from consumer Cellular. Quote I had two months. Lie. They knew I had service , had assurances I had until march 31 to use sim.

Cellular one owes me for my time. Spent hours reporting fraud and deception

In fact they record customers. I wish I had recorded them. I bet they would have declined

One of their customer service agents, Manny, admitted Cellular one charging people for free month.

The FCC was presented with enough proof. However they obviously sided with consumer Cellular. I was not a regular customer. Add insult to injury charged two months including time sim was in transit.

They lied about credit check I received an alert from life lock.

In retrospect should have told them not interested

Called consumer Cellular in reference to credit check , asked if I wanted to submit complaint against the customer service agent. I declined

Warning this is a post paid company. The data is expensive. Furthermore, one is not slowed down consumer Cellular will withdraw money from bank.

There are complaints in ref to the above. One, people on wifi that did not use their allotted data the phone has a record in fact however, consumer Cellular help themselves to the customers' money

Next, mail fraud. Tv commercial , submitted another report

Lastly, there is so much competition.

First, my recommendation buy unlock cell and or ask current carrier for unlock code

No contract preference, avoid post paid and any carrier that has access to ones bank account for alleged or truly over data.

As far as consumer Cellular, may as well be on contract. Even Verizon has better deals, TMob has plans for people over 55, military, tax included plan, etc. They also have prepaid side

Unlock cell combined with a truly contract free company is freedom

PS have photos have offer however, cannot see them lastly, it is futile to interreact with consumer Cellular.

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