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I have been with this company for about 3 years now and have been treated fairly on every issue that has come up over the years. There have been a few minor things that don't warrant mentioning.

If you want a no contract service that you are willing to change with your own needs this is a service for you. I think a person that always uses phone or data services in large amounts might benefit from another carrier, but if your a person who sometimes talks a lot but some months doesn't this can be a great service to have. You can maintain a phone number for only around $10/month if you want to pay per minute or simply go up from there. Be warned that if you suddenly jump a plan in the middle of the month both the money and minutes is prorated, for example, if you add say 200 minutes for $5 in the middle of the month, you will pay $2.50 but only get 100 minutes.

Keep on top of your plan, let it flex as you want, and walk away any time for any reason for no additional charges!

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