I activated my account with consumer cellular, got the minutes, then chose my choices of mms and data packaging. It was 5 dollars extra for option 2 " 500 texts and 50mb data".

Great I thought. Until I tried to use data outside of a wifi hotspot. It said " you are not subscribed to a data packaga". What the bleep!

Yes I was. So I call the company and they inform me that " you need to have a consumer cellular phone to get data" I was NOT told this when signing up. I had my own phone, they knew that.

So basically have to pay for data plan that I cannot even access!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wouldn't advise using their phones anyway based on problems with their phones.

Review about: Consumer Cellular Phone Plan.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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San Francisco, California, United States #679214

Both my Apple 4 phones work fine with the Consumer Cellular data plan. Just call customer Service and they will set you up to work with your data plan.


I have my Apple Iphone 4S and Samsung Galaxy 3 on their network they work great! they told me from the beginning the data and multimedia messaging may not work since they cannot guarentee phones not provisioned for their data network, understandable, but i was paying like $200+/month for verizon now barely clear $100 after taxes, Im satisfied and highly suggest trying them again. :zzz

Warrensburg, Missouri, United States #599850

I use an unlocked HTC Touch Cruise and my wife a Samsung Galaxy S III unlocked, and both work with data on Consumer Cellular. You need a little GEEK in you to get it to work, but it does work with DATA on other phones with Consumer Cellular.


This goes against everything I've seen and heard. So, I called Consumer Cellular's 888 number.

I suggest that anyone considering passing on Consumer Cellular because of the OP, call yourself and ask the question. 888-345-5509


I agree w/the above posting. I was told that my ATT phones would work, but that is just for the basics! I was NOT told that I couldn't get the internet, etc....so I'm not a happy camper!

My phone is only 18 months old and sure don't want to replace it.

This needs to be made clear from the beginning that this isn't going to be a straight across the board exchange on service.

Shame on you, Consumer Cellular!

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