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Well, actually I could write a three page essay on this, but I will try to make it as brief as possible yet trying to get my point across.

My wife and I contacted consumer cellular and ended up purchasing two Samsung galaxy S8 phones. I am a blinded veteran from Vietnam so consequently I cannot see my phone to push numbers and etc.

so I have to rely on a Bluetooth. When we received our phones and activated them I immediately paired my phone with my Bluetooth. From the beginning every time I made a phone call I received a phone call the phone would turn itself down to where I could not hear. I contacted consumer cellular and told them of the problem, to make a long story short as possible all they wanted to do was argue with me and tell me that the problem was my Bluetooth, which I have had connected to two other phones with no problems or incidents!

After arguing with supervisors over and over again and making their lives miserable they agreed to send me another phone. So after receiving the second phone of the same make, a Samsung S8 and connected my Bluetooth it began doing the same thing that the first phone did, so I contacted consumer cellular again and argued with them for three days, I never in my life have seen such ignorant and argumentative people in my life! I told them that I did not want another Samsung eight because the problem that I was experiencing was a Samsung problem because there are hundreds of complaints on the Internet of other people having the same problem as my phone. I told them that I wanted to exchange my phone for a different make but they have refused adamantly and arrogantly!

The customer service is rude, hateful, arrogant, and argumentative! I sincerely don't know where they hire these people unless they get them from dumb *** is us! Like I said this could actually be a three page essay and I could go on and on with the arguments that I have had with consumer cellular.

I told consumer cellular that if they refused to replace my phone I would take them to court, and their only response was, go ahead there's nothing you can do! Please for your own good avoid consumer cellular, this company is corrupt and dishonest!

Product or Service Mentioned: Samsung Electronics Galaxy S8 Cell Phone.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $700.

Preferred solution: Exchange phone for a different brand i.e. APPLE.

Consumer Cellular Cons: Customer service, Customer service and phone quality.

  • Poor Client Service
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Ha ha


Me too..I would never had wasted my time or my money...$31 lesson...


Wish I had read the many consumer complaints previous to purchasing this service! I was told "Unlimited talk and text" for approx.

$27.00 per month!

Now all I can do is hang on and see where the ride takes me! Well, I'll try and be more positive and look for a rainbow in the sky!!


good luck to you, they are terrible and I speak from experience


I am waiting on my final bill.....have not used Consumer Con-artists since Aug. 29, my phone actually"froze," but I will get a bill, I'm sure for not using any service!


Yes , you must likely will. I got a bill for moving my number under my husband.

They said I canceled mine when we did that. No one told us that and they said there was usage when I played the bill under mine and played the bill under ours.


Consumer Cellular is correct on the billing. Different client even though you are married.

Whoever started the bill,contracts under last 4 Digits of social security number. So when you changed account to your info you are new customer. Dealer Consumer Cellular store. P.S.

You should ask questions more to understand your bill. They have best customer service of any company we have delt with in 40 years.

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