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I called Consumer Cellular today to cancel service that I got for an elderly neighbor until her home phone was finally fixed by Verizon. However, I was questioned about why I wanted to cancel, in which I told the rep my reason. Then I was informed that my pro-rated amount that needed to be paid was higher than the monthly bill plus a pro-rated fee. How could that be if I paid the bill in full on June 18, 2018. My total amount paid on that day was $26.14. Now I'm still being charged a full month for a week & a half service plus a prorated fee. Doesn't make sense to me and if someone can please make me understand this nonsense I'm open to listen. This is definitely a rip-off on seniors and I would not recommend Consumer Cellular to anyone ever! This is the notification i received and then paid it in full, if I owed any other monies it would have been included in this notice.

Potential Service Interruption Notice

Consumer Cellular

Mon 6/18, 1:52 PM


Consumer Cellular

Contact UsCall Us: (888) 345-5510POTENTIAL SERVICE INTERRUPTION NOTICEAccount #103671106

Dear Lynette Tucker,

At this time, your Consumer Cellular account is past due in the amount of $26.14. Your service is in jeopardy of being suspended. In order to avoid an interruption in service, we need to receive your payment immediately.

Pay Online: My.ConsumerCellular.com

Pay By Phone: Call (800) 455-8103 with a credit/debit card

Mail Payment: PO Box 7175, Pasadena, CA 91109-7175

Thank you for your prompt attention to the matter. We value your business and look forward to continuing to serve you. If your payment has already been sent, please disregard this notice.

Product or Service Mentioned: Consumer Cellular Account.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $3836.

Consumer Cellular Cons: Total rip-off to seniors.

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We have been a Consumer Cellular customer for seven years. We both have phones and I decided to upgrade my phone to Moto G7 Power.

After receiving phone I couldn't receive pics. They had to send me a new Sim card, took four days! This week I found sometime I could text and other times couldn't. Called customer service and they found the second Sim card they sent was not for the cell towers in my area so they would send another card, approx.

three days!

I asked them to please send it over-night and was told that is not their policy, but I could go purchase a new card locally! I told them I didn't but the phone locally I bought it from Consumer and I shouldn't have to wait three to four days, and this is Customer Service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I agree wholeheartedly with the comment that this is a complete rip-off. The phone would not pair with a bluetooth headset and after trying that, I was unable to get it to charge.

It has basically been sitting dormant for a month. Then, to top matters off, I was supposed to be paying $20.00 per month and had provided a credit card when the account was opened. They had no record of my credit card.

They charged me $37.92 just so they would cancel my service. Totally worthless plan -- and happy to be rid of it.


Our first, out of town trip, we were stranded with no phone. I called and yelled.

I was told they have SIM cards for both AT&T and T-Mobile. They had made the determination that T-Moble was the better service for me. (I was asked no questions so they determined this via osmosis.) The coverage maps show most everywhere is covered by At&T - T-Mobile not so much. So they send me a SIM card for AT&T.

MUch better but still the pits. I also have this thing happen when I am using Maps. The screen will start to vibrate and not respond. Then I am shot into outer space.

The only recovery is to shut off my phone but many times I can't turn it off - like it is possessed or something.

Always in the same parts of the city - so it must be competing Cell towers. I keep wanting CC to work cause you can't beat the price but I think I'm going back to old reliable Verizon even though they suck too.


Consumer Cellular is more than a rip-off, it conducts it's business affairs in a fraudulent manner. Stay away and do yourself something good. Find another carrier.


very confusing day with Cust. service.

Working to get our sign in correct (the voice prompt couldn't find me. The issue was the data plan had to be used to bring in text messages using the only part of the plan we have a limit on. "Change of the plan" we were told. Since the voice prompt couldn't find my phone we asked to be given a separate bill for my phone, take me off the other one and bill me separate.

Nope, two phones from the same line have to be in one (primary) name and number. BTW. When I signed myself up they used my phone # and p w. When my husband added to the service it was taken out of my name and put in his.

arg. Very frustrating half day and it is still not right, when i tested the "fixed" system the voice prompt saw my phone as my husbands. Asked me if i wanted to activate. -- this is a very crazy system and not to way to have cust.


btw, they as always were nice and worked to do their best. not trained well enough (I guess).


they do have terrible service couldn't make a call from 10 miles or more away from my home had to go to Target to get it straightened out and then voice mail wasn't working when you call they just reset the phone or tell you to TAKE ANOTHER PHONE WITH YOU AND CALL FROM THERE very unreliable phone if you leave the house

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