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Consumer Cellular - CC are scam artists and frauds 1 of 1 people found it helpful
Unlike any other cellphone companies, if you were to buy a Consumer cellular phone from them, you will soon find out that you will not be able to send or receive text messages if there is a picture attached unless you have Data turned on. In other words WIFI means nothing to Consumer Cellular. In fact they pefer you not to use it. If you want to simply talk on the phone and send and receive Text without pics it's fine. I can take this sim card...
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I hung up the phone in exasperation and walked to my computer. In that short 30 second period of time, Cameron disconnected our service... now we don't even have the phone that works intermittently. Consumer Cellular forget your "happy" commercials depicting couples having fun on vacation. Nothing about my experience with your company has been fun. Your company is deplorable... Wouldn't it be nice to have a phone company that offers...
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Excuse me? I paid for data and to have me pay for it without giving it to me is LEGAL FRAUD. I asked for Legal Dept and she said she WAS Legal Dept which was a lie, she is "customer service". NOW I have access to Legal and I will use it. She has also had me blocked from their Facebook page for complaining about her attitude because she kept emailing me after I asked her to STOP. Consumer Cellular started out as a good thing but has gone...
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Recently went into target and got a consumer cellular phone. Got the phone set up no problem and had service for about a week. I called in to sort out a problem with my account and suddenly they started treating me like a criminal and shut off my phone service, for which I will NOT be receiving a refund for the phone that I purchased. Effectively making their "no risk guarantee" total ***. Worst experience i have ever had with a cell phone...
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We have had 2 phones on a Consumer Cellular (CC) account for several years. Sometime in early August, one of them (an iphone6) stopped working. We called CC and they tried to reset the phone, but could not get it working. They said it must be a problem with the phone and told us to go to a repair shop. We did - three of them before we were done. Each said first, they thought it was a SIM card problem related to activation, but since CC said they...
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" Well without reception am I really going to sit at a payphone on the side of the highway with 2 kids and a wife in the car just to sit on hold for 10-20 minutes to get a hold of the same lousy service that didn't reimburse us for lack of service 5 months prior saying, "Sir, the problem is with your ATT sim card, you need a T-mobile sim. We'll send it to you. In the meantime we cannot refund you..." squat! JD Power gives them 5 stars....
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  • Unfair unethical refund policy
Our son was a long time customer with Consumer Cellular. He had been on his own for years. Due to company closure he had to live inour basement for a while which linked our accts together without our permission. When he was late on a bill, they punished our account and would not let us PAY for a new phone. They froze OUR acct too which is in good standing. I tried to tell them but they were obstinate. It is WRONG to do this without our...
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