That's right they have all your phone number you call on use them to haress your family your friends for unpaid amounts after you cancel them! They lost me friends calling them telling them your a dead beat.

Wanting to know where you live, use credit reporting agencies, dept collects all for $20.00 whic they doubled. After I canceled them I'm a senior on SSI.

My pills went up 1000 so had to drop phone services to survive. Now they demanding $45.00 even though. I canceled it right after their 30 guaranteed refund period they say, BBB of the are is supported by them.

They won't help ignored, my please! Consumer Celluar corporation has no heart, no compassion, ruined my credit tries to destroy me! They use mafia attack on us seniors threats intemidation, harassment, intimidation.

They are ruthless in perusing you, it been over over 5 months, they still won't stop harassment! Debt collect ever method possible all for such a small amount.

They shorted me my first month by 2 weeks then kept charging me even after I ask for money back guarantee, said I was over 30 days. Ignored me request to cease and DECIST going business with them is biggest mistake ever...

They send me a virus into my phone see below! I don't have phone services never take email from them!

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Do you know how idiotic your post is??? You need a hug me jacket and a padded room.

Delton, Michigan, United States #1050057

You owe the money, just pay your bil and you won't have a problem. If you don't pay, they'd have to raise all the rest of our rates because of deadbeats like you. You used it over the 30 days.

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