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Worst experience ever with any carrier. They were unable to resolve the issue and kept assuring me that after 24 hours it would be fixed. After about 8 to 10 calls after a number of 24 hour periods - nada. Every Rep. and I could name them all, kept assuring me that I would be able to speak with a "Robert" who seemingly doesn't exist - one Rep. said he couldn't transfer me, another said he would have to contact me. To no avail. With every phone... Read more

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Consumer cellular needs to close, this business. All they ate doing is beating the elderly people out of their money, shame on you.............

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Consumer cellular, sucks. The are rude, unprofessional jerks. Someone got ahold of my information and created an account, when i say this on my credit report, i contacted them about it. They said that i had this account and im the one that opened it etc. I dont need this old peoples cellular business, i have a very expensive i phone, so who needs consumer cellular.

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I recieved a huawei 4g phone to replace our 2g phones. I called consumer cellular and wanted to replace my 2g phone 469-964-1938. I was informed at that time in the future the 2g phones were phased out, I therefore odered a 3g phone to replace it. I reentered the contacts by hand because the sim card had to be replaced. I received a 4g replacement, but no information as to what phone number it was for. My daughter set the phone up for 1938,... Read more

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Consumer Cellular misleading advertisement and would not admit they made billing mistakes and try to justify it. They tell you to go to Targe and Sears forr activation and when I wanted to change my phone number @ Target was told my old number would be cancelled the same day to prevent charges for two lines. I got the bill and was charged for the two lines. I changed the number the same day I started the new number, but they still charged me for... Read more

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My father contracted through AARP and could have done better at any other carrier. He is now an 84 yr. old veteran, confined to a nursing facility for the remainder of his life and has had to surrender all his assets to Medicaid. Yet consumer cellular has directed a collection agency to attack him for seventy-nine dollars. They have reported him to credit agencies which will not negatively affect him now but the entire episode has caused him... Read more

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My home base unit did not up-date to standard time on any of my phones. My cell phone (doro 618 ) did. It is customary for these devices to update after the first in-coming call.I called you about it,and was told to check with the manufacture about it . I'm not buying it. Question , how did the phone get the right time when i installed it ? My stand alone caller ID also did not update.It always did when i was connected to the phone company . The... Read more

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The day after I paid the bill for the 1st month with these carpetbaggers, they sent me a text message, telling me that I had already used up all of my data minutes, so they were going to slow down my service. These thieves were claiming that I had used up all of my data in less than one day. I just checked my data for this month and it is less than 4Gb, which has ALWAYS BEEN TYPICAL for us. The service was so slow, I could not use the phone... Read more

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this company is corrupt!! Without going into a lot of details.I told this place that i wanted my bills sent to me!!well in a 4 month period i got 2 bills and then when i go online i see a email from them saying i am late on my bill,this happened 2 to 3 times!! I called and told them that how can i be late when i never received a bill!! This went on for a good month, me back and forth with them by phone and email and i finally canceled with... Read more

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They are a bunch of liars and thieves!!! Will not unlock their phones once u try to switch companies..they are by far the worst i've ever dealt with!!! Stay away,.if not, u will regret it........

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