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We signed up for service two weeks ago and we have two phones. One phone does not work at all... you cannot dial out or receive incoming calls. The second phone works intermittently with 80% dropped calls. I called Customer Service 6 times and I spent hours on the phone. On my 6th attempt, I ordered new phones and I was told they would arrive in 2 to 5 days. Today, three days later, I received an email to tell me that the phones were never... Read more

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The first couple of years they were great, low cost, everything worked well even though I brought my own phone. Then I began having prolems with sending photos to email. They would send settings to my phone and it would work. This happened more and more often and they went back on their first advertising that said "any ATT phone that was used with ATT service" could be used with them, now sayin "well any phone that was not BOUGHT FROM US" may... Read more

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I have rarely gone over on my data plan but this month they said I have exceeded 4G's! I haven't done anything different and have had this plan for over 2 yrs. I called customer service and they said I used all that data, I said I did not and at that time is was 75%of my data and that was a few days ago! Then last night I got a text that I had exceeded 4g's!! I always use my wifi and only use my phone where there is wifi! This is crazy! Read more

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09/23/16 Once again someone has manipulated my bill. Last month I spoke with a supervisor, at least that's what he said, about my bill. Hollie contacted me via email to see what she could do, I pointed her in the direction that the supervisor and I discussed. If I increase the talk and decrease the text my bill is the same if I decrease talk and increase the text my bill is the same. Anyone that can do simple math can figure out that... Read more

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I have been sharing my phone line with 2 family members. When one of them left the US on extended trip, on Sept.15, I called on the 16th to cancel their line. After waiting 30 minutes on hold, I hung up. I called everyday, and experienced long hold times. On my 4th attempt, after 60 minutes on hold, the rep answered, at the moment I was told, I had "timed out" and was disconnected. The whole wait time a recording says, they have been voted... Read more

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Recently went into target and got a consumer cellular phone. Got the phone set up no problem and had service for about a week. I called in to sort out a problem with my account and suddenly they started treating me like a criminal and shut off my phone service, for which I will NOT be receiving a refund for the phone that I purchased. Effectively making their "no risk guarantee" total ***. Worst experience i have ever had with a cell phone... Read more

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My wife and I started service with Consumer Cellular 8/15/16. I was surprised to learn they will not allow me to put my name in the Caller ID. I was told they experience too many number transfers; so, they only provide the number ID. I had a friend who told me I should put my name in the caller ID because he does not answer unless he knows who is calling; he recognized my number so he answered. Additionally, the Consumer Cellular customer... Read more

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They gave me bad tech. Support that broke my phone.Then they said too bad bye.I have no phone or service.

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Your customer reps need to be retrained. I was on the phone 5 times on Saturday and they could not get me connected to my hot shot. The last one did walk me through it. One rep told me to call Verizon to get me connected, wrong info. One rep was very uncaring and somewhat very rude. She needs to be flogged and or fired. Your reps , except for the rude one were very nice but did not know what to do. One had me on the phone for an hour and... Read more

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We have had 2 phones on a Consumer Cellular (CC) account for several years. Sometime in early August, one of them (an iphone6) stopped working. We called CC and they tried to reset the phone, but could not get it working. They said it must be a problem with the phone and told us to go to a repair shop. We did - three of them before we were done. Each said first, they thought it was a SIM card problem related to activation, but since CC said they... Read more

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