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Consumer Cellular
Main address: 7204 SW Durham Rd Ste 300 97224 Portland OR
(503) 699-7363, 1-888-345-5509, ,
  • 177+2 mobile complaints
  • $13.8K claimed losses
  • $77 average
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  • 1 day ago
  • Cellular Phone
  • San Jose, California
  • 44

The phones are poor. Their billing is poor. They mostly want to stiff the seniors for as much money as they can. There services are not cheap. I went back to an LG tracfone. Much happier. I had a lot of trouble with the billing. I would make a payment, had zero balance. In a couple of days I another balance.It is like they never learned billing or accounting. Very sad for this day and age. I... Read more

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  • Aug 19
  • Appliances and Electronics
  • Cell Phone
  • 1
  • 1
  • 122

I bought a Motorola phone from them. I didn't need a smartphone so didn't need a fancy phone but the phone they sold me is ***. It's a nightmare just to add a contact to the phone much less make a phone call or check my voicemail since it lost the number to dial voice mail. Half the time I get a Blocked Sim error msg so I can't use the phone when I do need it. They've already sent me a new sim... Read more

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  • Jul 31
  • Cellular Phone
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Cellular Bills
  • 1
  • 1
  • 217

I suspended service for three months while my daughter was out school for the summer. When starting up again I bought a new phone pre-paid for minutes and texting. Kept the service for at least one year after canceling the service all together I continue to receive a bill for $66.00 and when I tried to complain for never receiving texting although I paid for it they raised the amount to $77.00... Read more

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  • Jul 29
  • Cellular Phone
  • Knoxville, Tennessee
  • Low Quality Cellphones
  • 187

Conxumer Cellular will advertise that your former AT&T phone will work on their system...but don't believe it. My attempts over 5-6 hours with both CC and AT&T plus three minutes with HTC convinced me it was only a come-on scam. Sure, you can possibly make and receive a phone call...but internet connectivity, not on your life! Because that is where the big companies are really raking... Read more

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  • Jul 26
  • Cellular Phone
  • Tazewell, Tennessee
  • Home Phone Service
  • 1
  • 1
  • 454

My mother swiched to Consumer Cellular for her cell and home phone service for an amazing $30 per month. She was to have 600 minutes. Once we got it working, she discovered the caller ID does not give names, only number. The voice mail kept answering all her calls on the second ring instead of giving her time to get it or her answering machine to pick up. When she called them toward the end of... Read more

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  • Jul 24
  • Cellular Phone
  • Bad Phone Service
  • 313

I was anticipating switching my service to them, and getting a new (Blu) phone. I called and asked if the Blu phone would be compatible and they said yes. I got the Blu phone, switched my service to Consumer Cellular. But the internet does not work. I spent hours with their tech support trying to get it to work. They finally sent me to a supervisor, who told me that their service is not... Read more

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I can't even get a hold of them by email much less by phone. What worthless providers Add comment

  • Jul 23
  • Cellular Phone
  • Bad Customer Service
  • 1
  • 1
  • 89

It is impossible to get hold of anyone at this company. All I get is a machine or I'm disconnected. Consumer cellular sucks l want a new phone provider. Read more

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  • Jul 22
  • Cellular Phone
  • Tucson, Arizona
  • Service Change
  • 1
  • 1
  • 276

I had a phone and service with them for three years when the phone took a dump. I tried to get them to switch their service over to an LG phone that was a gift from my brother. They said they couldn't do it because LG phones don't have a SIM card. I had no choice but to switch service to another company where I now get three hundred more minutes for about $15 less per month. When they sent me my... Read more

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  • Jul 16
  • Cellular Phone
  • Clayton, North Carolina
  • Defective Cell Phone
  • 133

I purchased phone and it did not receive incoming calls. I phoned cc and they said I needed to be near a stronger tower. I live near Raleigh.They suggested a new SIM card . They sent the wrong size and it ruined the $ 63.00 phone. They said they don't repair and to just go to Sears and buy a new one . I did only because I had to have a phone that day for hospital calls. I asked for a refund or... Read more

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