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called consumer cellular customer service number [888]345-5510,was directed to technical dept.I,Anthony Green cell phone#[978]595-4452 asked tech. rep. Gina from redmond about storage space on my sd card.I asked Gina what can i do if my phone reads sd card full?Gina told me[Anthony] that she could transfer my photos from my phones photo card to an outside server at Google G mail.I[Anthony] told... Read more

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I was a Consumer Cellular customer for one month, then cancelled because I didn't like their service or pricing. I discovered after I cancelled that CC had KEPT MY PHONE NUMBER. I had that number for 17 years or more, and CC now has control over it, and will not give it back to me. I do not understand this action. I want my old number back. It is 502 396 3484. Please advise how I may get my... Read more

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I tried to call and straighten out some miscommunication by your company regarding my prior phone which was cancelled upon my purchase of a jitterbug phone in Sept. I had cancelled my phone with you at the same time of my new purchase, and didn’t have another billing in October but did have in November which I assumed was a mistake on your part so told my AARP payment service not to pay. I... Read more

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They boast no contract on TV and in all adds. No where do they advertise that when you stop the service you have to give it to them in writing. Not even when i called to cancel. I kept getting what i thought was advertisement, but it was a bill that kept going up every month. Now $150 that they have given to a collection agency. They won't get a penny from me. Add comment

With their tech deparment's approval, we returned a new phone that didn't work right knowing that we were supposed to get credit for the one that didn't work. Consumer Cellular is trying to say that the phone we sent back was damaged. HOW CRAZY! We had a plan on it that would have covered ANY kind of damage...............why wouldn't we have simply made a claim if we had damaged it? ... Read more

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I paid my usual bill, then two weeks later, my phone is turned off. The message said my bill needed to be paid. I gave them my credit card number, and they didn't even tell me how much it was. I eventually got a message , and they charged me double. How do I find out what the problem was. I hardly ever use half of my minutes. Never use data, and had 10 or so emails. I have been cheated,... Read more

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I always paid my bill before it was due, I forgot I had requested an extra 7 dollars added to my account so I could call international and when I paid my bill early I got a call a week later saying you owe us 7 dollars if you can't pay it today your service will be discontinued.I asked if they could wait five days I would have money by then. I'm a senior on a fixed income barely getting by,I took... Read more

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Bought new phones from CC and am experiencing continuing problems with Bluetooth connections being dropped in two separate automobiles. This occurs every few minutes. The problem seems to clearly be trouble with a defective phone ... or ... improper phone design. Been working on this issue for over a month. A prior Sprint phone had no problem maintaining Bluetooth contact. One cannot get any... Read more

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They wont even pay back $33.07, because they are deadbeats. Worst phone company ever. Nothing worked and then they billed me an extra month. Deadbeats and thieves. Deadbeats deadbeats. Phone never worked and they could not figure it out and didnt care. They just wanted their money like the *** company they are. Then when I tried to keep my old number after paying for their lousy service, they... Read more

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I have been with consumer cellular for a few years and I have only good things to say about them. I have found service to work great,no problems ever with that.billing has been what I expected,no problems with that and a couple of times I got different phones and they handled it great. Customer service people have always been very nice and helpful. I remain a very satisfied customer Add comment

Had this for a couple of weeks buy not enough data. Returned within 30 days . They charged me. Removed money from my charge card without my consent or permission. Will not refund. Was told if returned within 30 days no charge. Add comment

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