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I contacted Consumer Cellular for a sim card for an AT&T tablet. The sim card did not work. I tried an AT&T smart phone recently retired and in good working order. I took the phone to Target for installation and testing. Initially the phone would not make an outgoing call but after an incoming call was made, two outgoing calls were made.Later in the week , I found that that was the only way to make this phone work. C/S calls were typically 15 or longer wait. Request for a return call from C/s or management were never returned until I... Read more

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After more than a year of untold aggravation and deception from Consumer Cellular, we had no choice but to report them to the Better Business Bureau in Redmond Oregon. Apparently, all BBB reports resolved and unresolved are public information and also reported to the CC Board of Directors. All that being said, they seem to take BBB complaints more seriously. Our phone was faulty from the beginning and we kept trying to return it and get a refund within the year warranty period. Luckily we saved all receipts because CC told the BBB that we were... Read more

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I have had my phone shut off twice for not having the moneyto pay bill. This last time I had fraud against my bank accct and it became overdrawn. Not my fault. But still my phone was shut off . Even though I pay 78.47 April 1 and was not told I would have to pay again on April5th 62.89. I faught with Sprint now I'm having problems again not fair. So I'm not a happy camper. I was called 3 times on Sunday April 17th while at Church. I could not answer in church, I called after and was told no more extentions till July. Sprint did give me more... Read more

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I have had my iPhone for l the a year, the screen on it shatter and they will not replace the phone ,even though I took out the warranty the warrenty they want 800.00 to hold for a phone. and I am sure they will not send it back, consumer cellar is a ripe off is a ripe off . I am out of 80050 for a iPhone. DO NOT TRUST THEM OR BY FROM THEM THEY STAEL YOU MONEY. I WILL FIGHT THEM TO GET MY NEW PHONE . BUT please beware before you buy . the warrety is all fake it is an iphoe a Read more

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So I called consumer cellular to ask to upgrade to a iPhone 6S from my iPhone 5S. Well they said no. That I have to finish paying off. Well I'm paying 650 dollars for this iPhone 5S. It only cost like 400 dollars or cheaper. They won't let me cancel and give them the phone back. Im getting scammed from them since im paying the same price as i can for Iphone 6s. Not to mention that it is a out dated phone. So i wanted to return the f*cking phone they say i have to keep making *** payments. Up to 650 dollars for a *** out dated phone. Read more

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Consumer cellular has demonstrated a deffiency in there customer relations or the lack there of! Horid customer service. Add comment

I canceled my service with consumer cellular. They billed me for another month. I called them and emailed them to cancel my phone and they said they would. I got a bill sent to collection for another $122.02. This is ontop of the $70.00 I payed after I canceled my sevice. All they did is rip me off. Read more

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Did not receive return label.Idid not call and you did not call me Im 87 years old. have some health issues.I think you could show some understanding and compassion and make some exceptions.have been a customer for quite years aI believe in compassionnd have been recomending you to my friends no Imore.huawei vision 2Showing kindness and understaandingtoward otherscouldbe healing formeandmake your company different and better.thisworldwould be a more peaceful/loving if we couldall challrnge ourselves to extend kindness and compassion toward... Read more

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I can relate to a lot of these customers' complaints. I remember when we had billing questions and customers complained about their bills going up and we had to tell customers "untruths". I am glad to be gone and would never work for another cell phone company. I have been gone for many years. When I left they jacked my employee phone bill up so high it was completely outrageous and I never made the calls they claimed I made on my final employee phone bill. I am surprised they are still in business. I know of other employee's who were... Read more

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I was shopping for a new cell phone company i wanted to keep my number and my own phone. I did some comparing and decided to make a further inquery. I called around for details to 2 companys. I then called consmumer cellular to inquire on specifics. No i did not make an agreement to change my service provider. Before i knew it i had no service on my phone. Next day a letter in the mail with a chip from consumer cellular co. I was only asking questions i did not agree to change my provider. They called my provider and did a port of my number! ... Read more

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